Thursday, July 3, 2008

Waterbed Heater Guide

Waterbeds are almost always heated by a specially designed heating element. Usually the water temperature is set at skin temperature, which is normally around 28 ºC. Good heating elements, however, allow you to set the temperature accurately, so that you can adjust it however you like. That pleasant warmth is one of the properties of a waterbed that is most appreciated. The unique design is simple to use, as the control is mounted to the side of your frame. The thermostat dial is large, and easy to read. We also offer the Solid State Waterbed Heater a more efficient heater allowing a more precise temperature control, therefore saving you on your electricity bills. Waterbed heating comprises of a heating mat and an adjustable thermostat. The heating mat is installed under the watermattress and liner. All our waterbed heaters have a heat sensor built into the element itself and are electrically safeguarded, sheiled and CSA approved. A waterbeds electrical consumption averages only about 1 kWh per day but the exact figure depends on the size of the bed, the temperature of the bedroom, how well-insulating your quilt is, etc. You must not turn off your heating system because even at room temperature is not usually sufficient to keep the water in your waterbed up to temperature. Your waterbed heating, however, will only come on very occasionally in the summer and so will use far less electricity. By setting the temperature a few degrees lower, you can make a waterbed very pleasantly cool on a hot night. A water temperature of 25 ºC should be considered the minimum.