Thursday, July 3, 2008

Waterbeds and Your Health

Waterbeds have many medical benefits. The waterbed was, after all, already in use in the medical world before it become a commercial success on the open market. It was discovered that the state of apparent weightlessness helped enormously in preventing and curing bedsores and in the treatment of severe burns. The gentle, even support and the warmth of a waterbed are also beneficial for people who suffer arthritis, rheumatism and certain back disorders. Furthermore, waterbeds are extensively used in the care of premature babies and are a great help for pregnant women. Because no dust or bacteria can lodge in a sealed watermattress and because a watermattress is easy to clean, it is also frequently used in the treatment of allergies and asthma. And finally, it has been proven that one falls asleep faster and achieves a deeper sleep on a waterbed. A good uninterrupted night’s rest is generally considered one of the best medicines. The support, the comfort and the warmth all contribute to better health and a more relaxed air. Now that the waterbed has become more and more established as a healthy, comfortable sleeping system, you can find waterbed owners in all areas of society. Young or old they’ve all found their way to a waterbed. For many, the deciding factor was one or two of the specific benefits of a waterbed; others elected for this sleeping system because they heard about it through friends and acquaintances. People who want to stay healthy as well as those who want to relieve specific ailments go for a waterbed to make their life more comfortable. A good night’s rest is, after all, a pre-condition for being in top condition during the day.Good back support is very important, particularly when you are growing. That is the time when the back takes on its shape, which will be very difficult to change or correct in later years. So, a waterbed is the ideal sleeping system for a growing youngster. It has been proved that young children fall asleep more quickly, sleep for longer periods without interruption and are calmer in general if they sleep on a waterbed. Nevertheless you must never leave a child under the age of 2 yrs unattended.You must always add conditioner at regular intervals to keep the water in your waterbed mattress fresh. Apart from that, you can clean the mattress surface with a special vinyl cleaner. You can also wash or clean most covers. How the cover has to be cleaned depends on the particular washing instructions. All this means that a waterbed is a perfectly hygienic sleeping system. With regular maintenance, you can also avoid the build-ups of skin scales, body salts, house dust mites, bacteria and moulds that you get with traditional mattresses. This is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers.It is important to choose a superior brand waterbed mattresses and liners. These products, after all, guarantee that the plastics in your waterbeds contain no harmful components. This is less clear with some cheap imported mattresses.A waterbed supports your back in the best possible way. When you lie on a watermattress, the water moves so that it takes up the precise shape of your body. The bed doesn’t sag, but adjusts precisely and instantly to your body, whatever your weight. These properties, combined with the dramatically reduced pressure on the surface and the wonderful warmth, provide the ideal support for your back.